2Topia Cycles workshop is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, commonly known  as the motorsports capital of the United States of America. This location allows 2Topia to have access to seemingly unlimited resources and know how to explore and push the limits of modern motorcycling. As the workshop changes in size and in form, our desire to be the best will never change. In today’s industry that is focused on quick turn around and volume at whatever the cost, 2Topia is focused on quality and pride in what ever job is being done.

Maintenance and Repairs
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engine_with_redHaving less operating overhead than typical dealerships, we are able to offer lower labor and part pricing for our quality service as well. With labor rates starting at $90.00 per hour and package deals for routine maintenance services, it has never been easier and more cost effective to keep your machine running great and staying safe while out on the roads. 2Topia has all of the necessary diagnostic equipment and tools and is able to work on any make, model, or year of motorcycle. From carburetors and points to the most advanced fuel injection and electronic ignition systems, we can accurately diagnose and repair whatever concerns you may have.

Carburetor sonic cleaning and synchronization: Often incorrectly done, carburetors have many small passages that simply spraying and wiping down cannot clean. During our service, the carburetor or carburetors are completely disassembled to the main body with all jets and passages that can be removed out. Next all the components are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning tank for two 30 minute cycles. After this process, all jets and passages are inspected and further cleaned with probes. Finally, the units are reassembled replacing any components that are out of factory specification, float levels are set and the carburetor(s) are re-installed and synchronized with a special tool.

Preparing valve adjustment after a fresh top end.

Valve-train adjustments : Commonly overlooked as a service, poor valve adjustments can cause a host of seemingly unrelated problems including but not limited to; hard start, poor acceleration, mis-fires, and not running at all in some cases. It is a very important service as motorcycle engines do not use maintenance free hydraulic valve-train components like many cars due to the higher rpm range of operation. As time goes by, valve-train components wear and can lead to excessive gaps in the system or extreme tight conditions both not allowing the engine to run to it’s full potential.


Even the most advanced modern fuel injection systems such as this BMW require synchronization.

Carburetor and Throttle body synchronization: Many times misunderstood and sometimes overlooked, synchronization is a very important part of a well running motorcycle.  Not only is it important to carburetors, but also on fuel injection systems using multiple throttle bodies (most all modern fuel injected motorcycles). As components wear in an engine, so changes the amount of incoming air/fuel charge to create the same amount of power in each individual cylinder. For this reason, we are actually balancing the power in each cylinder, not the settings of the carburetor or throttle body. With a power imbalance in differing cylinders, responsiveness is lost, idle can be uneven, and accelerated wear can be placed on internal components.


The difference is clear…..

Brake fluid flush: Another overlooked service, fresh brake fluid is essential to safe and accurate braking. Brake fluids are designed to be hygroscopic meaning  they absorb moisture from the brake system. Moisture in a braking system can lead to corrosion, gumming of fluid and eventually system failure. In most cases, brake fluids can only absorb in a system for about 2 years according to most manufacturers. It is very important with older systems where components are already aged and weaker than new, as well as new modern systems that have ABS units that are very sensitive to changes in brake fluid consistency.

969494_481923518550669_1061078 Wheel and tire service:  2 Topia Cycles has years of training in tire services on racing and exotic wheels and tires. We have also secured the proper equipment to do so, as well as the experience to inspect and service the drive-line components to the highest precision.




10906287_763637387045946_74806Diagnostic services:   Years of experience and training in the diagnostic field, in both the manufacturer and racing world, have seasoned 2 Topia technicians to quickly and accurately pinpoint even the most complex of problems. With the added benefit of the most current diagnostic software and special tools, there is no issue we can not handle. Please call with your specific issues or needs !




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